Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh Maggie...

Some more things that I never want to forget...

- Strawberries=Straw-babies

-Me:"Maggie do you want to... go outside, put your shoes on, have a snack?"

Maggie: "Yesadoooo"

- You are the greatest mimic, and since we spend a lot of time together, you have picked up on some of Mommy's ok and not-so-ok words/mannerisms.

Turns out when I am frustrated or angry, I have a little exasperated grunt/sigh, which Maggie now makes for me when she knows the situation is not ideal. Ex. the truck we got stuck behind on the way to library story time today...

I also, somewhat subconsciously, say, "Keys, keys, keys...Phone,phone, phone" as we are walking out the door, so I don't forget them, and now Maggie says it herself every time she walks out the door. Hubs caught on to this and now they both say it...they think they're sooooo funny...LOL

- You just started saying "Happy Birthday", which is convenient because we have A LOT of birthdays coming up. You can also sing the majority of the song....

- Right now you love singing "Old McDonald" but he only has chickens and every animal says "Meow".

You also love singing the "Abc's", which start at "h", but you sing it very well.

I love you so much my little silly girl.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday!

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Brandy said...

Such a sweet post! Kids are so funny!


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