Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve we got home a lot earlier than usual, but it was still pretty late for Miss Maggie.  She went right to sleep when we got home and we stayed up for a bit to get things ready for the morning.  Unfortunately, I had started feeling under the weather that morning, so by the time we got home, I wasn't feeling at all (found out the day after Christmas that it was bronchitis....).

Since we had been out late, Mags was still asleep at her normal wake up time, but we needed to get the show on the road, so we got her up and told her that Santa had come.  She was pretty excited!

Santa came!!!
Epic bedhead!

Then it was off to Nana and PopPop's for more Christmas fun!!

Daddy set up the Disney castle and Mags played with that for awhile, and let Mommy and Daddy open their presents.  Mommy got a Nook!!
The rest of the day was very chill and relaxing. It was a spectacular day!  

We  made so many special memories over all of our Christmas celebrations.  We are so blessed to have all of our family and that we are able to see them over the holidays!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!!


TeeTee Lynn said...

I got my Nook last Christmas, and I LOVE it! I hope you enjoy yours also! :)

The Ludwigs said...

Her little red polka dots? LOVE. What a cutie!


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