Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas~ Part II

Well it hasn't technically been a month since Christmas, so I'm still ok, right???  LOL
So our second part of Christmas involved traveling down to my Mom's in MD.  We left early on Saturday, the 22nd and made great time.


When we got there we hung out with Auntie Breeyn for awhile and then Poppy wanted to show Mags, his Christmas train garden...


That night the hubs and I went out with Breeyn and a ton of fun was had by all.
Unfortunately, Sunday morning came a little early and Mommy was hurting...why can't I ever remember that I am NOT 20 years old anymore???  We had a nice relaxing morning opening presents and hanging out.

Monday was Christmas Eve and we spent the day getting everything ready for everyone to come over.  We went to church in the afternoon and then we came back to the house for the get together. 
Hanging out with Aunt Kate and Uncle JT

Super excited twirling

Cousins all dressed up and not sure whose camera to look at...LOL
Then after dinner it was time for Santa.  Mags a little leery at first, but she quickly warmed up...

We love our cousin, Jocelyn!!!

"Helping" Jocelyn read "The Night before Christmas"

At first, we wanted Mommy to sit with us....

But then we did it on our own....
After Santa left, it was time to put on our new Christmas jammies and say goodbye to everyone.

What is up with Maggie's smirk??? LOL
Finally, it was time to get back on the road, so we could wake up at home for Christmas morning!

Hope you are having a great day!!!

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