Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year's Eve/ New Year's Day

We had a rollicking New Year's Eve this year, including staying at home, and actually staying up till after midnight.....PARTY ANIMALS!!!  LOL  This was the first year in about three, that we have actually stayed up, we had a few drinks and watched the ball drop.  And since it is all about Instagram these days, I chose my nine favorites of the year...


But decided that this was the ultimate moment of the year.....

New Year's Day we headed over to Brian's Uncle Spike and Aunt Audrey's for their get together.  It was a great time!!  Mags loved all the time spent with everyone!

Helping Aunt Janice with her eyeshadow....LOL
It was a fun time and the food was amazing as usual!!

Hope you are having a terrific day!!

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~Dawn~ said...

Whoo hooo party animals. We didn't even make it until midnight this year...actually I don't think I have for the past 5 years..LOL Lame!

Cheers to a wonderful 2013!! :)


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