Thursday, January 24, 2013

2012: A Year in Review (January- May)

This year has been a great one!  Nothing Earth shattering, per se, but a lot of fun and adventure!!

January:  We started the year off at our normal New Year's Day get together, late in the month we had a fun little getaway, and then we ended the month celebrating Maggie's 18 month-day.

February:  We started the month off celebrating Daddy's birthday, over President's Day weekend, we spent time with MeeMaw and PPaw, I did my first vlog, and I ended the month watching the Oscars.

March:  This month I posted the 19 month update that was supposed to be in February, I related some new Maggie-isms, I started putting things together for Mag's Easter basket, later in the month Mags and I took our first solo trip to my Mom's, and then we ended the month with Mag's 20 month update.

First day of spring/ Rita's Water Ice
April: We started the month off we a "stellar" Easter bunny visit, then it was time for Easter, later in the month I finally finished discussing our Easter, and then we had a stupendous Spring Break.

May: I started the month with the 21 month update, then we had an amazing weekend that seemed to kick off the summer, later we celebrated my Grandfather's 80th birthday, and then we ended the month celebrating Memorial Day!

Back tomorrow with the rest of the year!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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