Monday, August 30, 2010

Part III: The Saga continues

So when I got on stage it was pretty empty because not too many people had made it to the back of the park yet. I went to the gift shop and immediately everyone there started asking me what was going on. I told them what I knew and was quickly quieted by a manager who said, "We are not discussing the situation in NY in front of the guests." Less than an hour later the same manager came around again and said that we were evacuating the park. This would be only the second time in Disney World history that the park was evacuated, the first time being Hurricane Floyd. We were all pretty freaked out.
I made it back to my apartment around 1pm and sat around the TV with the rest of my roommates, watching CNN and trying to call our families and friends. My one roommate was pretty upset because her boyfriend was in the national guard and she was sure he would have to get involved. A lot of people talked about going home, but I wanted to stay. It was rough. Our hours were cut and weren't making that much money to begin with. I spent a lot of time going to the parks, because it was free, and sitting around the apartment because I had no money. I decided at that point I had to get my act together and finish college once and for all because I never wanted to be that broke again.
Tune in tomorrow for the "exciting" conclusion...


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