Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Part IV: The Final Chapter

So I talked to my Dad and stepmother about going back to college and they said that if I moved to PA (where they live), they would pay for it. Didn't have to tell me twice, the minute the internship in Disney was over, I packed up my things and didn't take a second look back. I enrolled at Millersville University in Lancaster, PA and I worked my butt off for the next three years. My last year there I had my student teaching assignment. My first week there was ok, but the second week two guys from another college also began student teaching in the English department with me. I remember sizing the guys up at a meeting that we had..."Hmmm that guy is cute, and so is that guy...he looks really nice". The second guy would turn out the be Brian, the man that I ended up marrying five years later.
So during our first year of marriage we started TTC and I thought that it would be a long, arduous process, but about a month after our 1st anniversary we got the good news (that's a story for another time). So here we are...still trying to comprehend it all!

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