Friday, August 20, 2010

Short hair??

So as a naive young woman I always wondered why a lot of women decide to chop off their hair when they become Moms. Although I have only been a Mom for 3 weeks, I am starting to understand the attraction. Long hair really gets in the way. I mean she really can't grasp anything, but just picking her up a couple of times she has inadvertently tugged on my hair, and it hurts!!! Also, after a nice luxurious shower (yes that is what they have become) fighting with the tangles really becomes a chore, because I want to get back to my favorite pastime, watching my daughter. So although I see the attraction, I don't think that I will be going to the salon anytime soon. I have always loved my long hair and want to keep it as long as possible, but now I see the other side!

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