Monday, November 22, 2010

An Anniversary

So in yesterday's post I forgot to mention a very important anniversary that we commemorated yesterday. November 21, 2009, is the day it all began. That was the day we started this amazing journey and it has been such a wonderful ride. I really feel so lucky and blessed that I get to be Maggie's mommy.

Curious how it all began??? Read about it here.

My beautiful baby girl


~Dawn~ said...

Awww what a sweet day for you all. Children are such a blessing. :)

I have some great giveaways going on at Mom-a-Logues. Low entires.

Simply Cintia said...

just wanted to say hi. I'm one of your followers :) our daughters are around the same age. blessings to you on this Thanksgiving week!

Sarah said...

Thank you Dawn and Cintia. I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week as well.


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