Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wild about Weekends

Wow another weekend come and gone... why do the good times fly by so fast???

Friday, since it was gorgeous out and I was feeling adventurous, I packed up the Mags and headed out to some local know Le Target and El Giante (yep that's Target and Giant). I spent over an hour and a couple more dollars than I should have at Target, but the goal was a cute outfit for Thanksgiving and I think mission was accomplished {Thank you Tami, for the impromptu style advice via photo are a true fashionista!}. Then it was home to make dinner for the hubs and curl up and relax with some Tivod shows we missed this week.

Saturday we decided to really do some cleaning of the casa in preparation for our Christmas extravaganza of decorations. {PS:Cutest thing ever??? Last weekend at Target [yea we like that store] as we were tooling around with the stroller and a cart, Brian takes the cart to look at something while I'm contemplating something in another aisle. Minutes later he returns, and in the cart??? A red, snowflake covered shower curtain, matching hand towel and floor mat. "What?," he says. "This is a really special Christmas and we have to make every part of the house extra Christmasy for Maggie's first Christmas..." How can you not love this man?}

So after what felt like an eternity of cleaning {actual time about an hour and a half}, we both got somewhat gussied up, dropped Mags off at the in-laws and went our first official date since Maggie was born. Nothing too crazy... Macaroni Grill for dinner and then "Harry Potter". Brian is not a Potter fan, but this was a part of my birthday gift, so he sucked it up and took one for the team {what can I say?? I am a lucky girl...}.

And then today we spent some time with my little sis {ASAs in the house} for a rather disappointing and underwhelming lunch. Luckily the company and catching up was awesome so the other stuff will quickly be forgotten.

Now we're home and just hanging out. Really re-charging and shoring up that energy, because this week is going to be a doozy. It starts the dreaded holiday traveling and it is definitely my least favorite part of this time of year. Oh how I wish we lived closer to my day...

But I have decided that no mater what, this week is going to rock. It's Maggie's first Thanksgiving and I am going to make sure that it is a great one!

And to send you all off on the happiest of notes to brave your Monday morning... a picture of the cutest baby in the world....{sorry all other mommys, but she is just too dang adorable to be modest}

Oh and BTdubs, homegirl is sitting propped up by one little measly pillow. Sure she kept sliding...but this is progress people!!!


Natalie Catherine said...

hey! been looking around for fellow pa mom bloggers and came across your blog! what a cuteeee photo! i love that shirt where did you get it??

Brian Betteridge said...

Who took that awesome picture? It looks so great! He must be a great photographer.

Sarah said...

Natalie: Thanks for stopping by! The outfit is from Carter' is an all-in-one with a little attached tutu. We love it!

Brian: Also thank you for stopping by. I know isn't this photo awesome?!?! If you're interested in seeing more of this amazing photographer's work just head on over to You won't be sorry!

Brian Betteridge said...

Actually it's And I'm pretty sure I got dumber by visiting it.


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