Wednesday, December 1, 2010

127 days

Yep 127...that my friends would be the number of days that I have been blessed to have my beautiful and amazing daughter in my life. I can't believe how fast the time has gone, but the it wouldn't be a cliche if it wasn't true and fun=time flying by. I can honestly say that I am not sad at the passing time because I really believe that I have wrung out all the great memories that I could from every single day.

So what has little MaggerMoo (that one's for you Grammy) been up to this month?? Well at yesterday's doctor's appointment we found out that she is 14 lbs 10 oz, 25 1/2 in, and she has a big head (well we already knew that....the pink, 1st Christmas hat that Daddy bought?? We gave it the ol' college try but it ain't fitting over that adorable Daddy says it's b/c of all the smarts in there...) The doctor actually commented as he saw Mags sitting up in my lap, "Well looks like we have a full blown baby here, no more newborn...

Yes siree we are moving on to bigger and better things and what does that entail? Laughing fits of course! Over the Thanksgiving break Maggie entertained us all with some uber adorable giggle fits. The first one was Wednesday night and I was just leaning over her to tell her that I would be right back and for whatever reason it just made her start giggling and she kept it up for quite some time. Brian actually pulled out his cell phone and started taping it half way through and he got about 2 minutes of her just giggling away. Then the rest of the time we had a few more was too cute.

Today a new little feat...I put her down on her play mat and she started playing with the hanging toys and out of nowhere something struck her funny and she started spontaneously laughing. I didn't notice anything different that would have set this off, I guess she just wanted to giggle.

Every day it seems that it is something new and I am so happy that I get to witness it all!

And because no post would be complete without some pics....

I love it when she does this cutesy little pose!

And here he is, the man behind the smiles and the giggles...We love our PopPop!

Hope this finds you well!


Shannon said...

How adorable is she?! Aren't the laughing fits just the best? New follower here...I have a sweet little girl too that's 16 months! Such fun!

Sarah said...

Thanks Shannon! They are the best.

LindseyRockers said...

your little one is so cute! and i love your blog! i'm your newest follower :)

i'd love if you'd stop by for a visit!


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