Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

I am truly not a snow fan, but I have to admit I am not too upset about the blizzard bearing down on us right now. We have everything we could possibly need and we welcome being snowed in!

With nowhere to go and nothing pressing to do, I am given the perfect opportunity to reflect and reminisce over the wonderful holiday we just celebrated. After the great time we had with my Dad's family, at the beginning of the week we ran around seeing some friends since Brian was off then. Then on Wednesday it was off to my Mom's to spend a few days.

We had an amazing time and Maggie was such a good little girl. She was completely off her schedule and constantly encountering new people and surroundings, but it never really fazed her. She didn't fuss much unless she was super tired and she slept really well every night. I really could not have asked for more.

Christmas Eve we went to Mass at 4pm and after having her bottle there, Magster actually fell asleep even while the choir was singing and the trumpets were blaring. I think she knew that she needed to sneak in a power nap before she saw Santa. Then we went back to my Mom's and Santa came. Mags was totally cool and just took it all in.

This pic looks super horrible, and that Mags is upset by everything, but in actuality her pacifier had just fallen out....So silly!

We left to go home that night and she slept the entire way home. We got home and she went right back to sleep.

Christmas morning Mags was up at 6am, which is her normal schedule. After opening her presents we made our way over to Nana and PopPop's. The rest of the day was spent eating way too much and opening a ton of presents.

So now we are just battening down the hatches and sorting through the mess that we brought home with us. Seriously it looks like a tornado hit our house!

We are so blessed to have the best family and friends and I am so glad that we were able to share this holiday with them. As for my beautiful little girl, you made this Christmas the best one ever. Having you in our lives is the best gift we could have ever hoped for.

Here's hoping that your Christmas was a good one!

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