Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remiss about Christmas

Oh man that was almost a rhyme (English teachers live for spontaneous rhyme!).

So I don't think that I have really expressed how excited I am about Christmas this year. I have always been a huge fan (silly understatement), but this year is the first one that we get to share with our little Mags, so I am really feeling the joy. We have a few traditions and special things that we do ever year to make the holiday really fun.

1. Countdown Calendar
I am a countdown freak. I have countdowns for almost everything. My favorite countdown of all time was when I was accepted to the Disney College Program and wasn't leaving for about 150 days. The day I found out I was accepted I spent about over an hour at work, tediously listing all the days on my desk calendar. Yea I was quite the hard worker!

So needless to say the countdown to Christmas is a big one. We have had the same countdown calendar since we moved in together, and I had a mini freak out when we couldn't find it this year. But we found it and everything is right with the world. So everyday Magster and I go over to the calendar and I make a big deal about it as we switch the numbers. Definitely one of the highlights of my day (right next to waking up to Mag's smiling face).

2. 12 days of MomMom
Brian's grandmother (MomMom) started this awesome tradition when Brian and his sister were little. In order to increase the excitement for Christmas (cause it needs some build up?!?!), 12 days before Christmas she would drop off a bunch of little presents to their house and everyday leading up to the big day, they would get to open a present.

Now, MomMom told Brian that she would stop this tradition when he went to college (didn't happen), then she said it would stop when he moved out (nope), finally she said that it would end when he got married (we still got presents last year).

So of course this year is all about Mags (as it should be). We started the 12 days a little early since we will be heading south a few days before Christmas and won't be here. So far Mags has received a beautiful ornament, lots of great books, and a huge stuffed Tigger. These bath books, as you can see, are her favorites so far. Can't wait to see what else is in store.

3. Handmade stocking
My grandmother has been making beautiful handmade stockings for everyone in my family as long as I can remember. Everyone gets their own pattern and they are all so beautifully made. I wasn't sure if she would be up to making one for Maggie, since she has developed some pretty bad arthritis over the years, and I didn't want to ask her and put any undue pressure on her. Always the saint, she surprised us at Thanksgiving with this beauty and I couldn't be happier. I am so glad that Maggie can share in this tradition.

And there are so many other traditions that we will probably phase in over the years. We did accomplish the requisite picture with Santa.

Not too crazy about the Santa, but I think what he lacks, makes Mags look even prettier!

We have pretty much finished our shopping for Mags for this year. We didn't go too crazy since she is so young, and she pretty much has everything she needs. But as the hubs said, it's Christmas and she has to open something (even if she is more interested in the wrapping paper).

So first time Mommies, what are you looking forward to sharing with your little one this holiday season?

Hope this finds you well and that you are having a great Thursday!

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