Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Little Miss Can't Be Right

*Warning: Nerdy English teacher with a nerdy Shakespeare reference*

Yep something wicked this way comes!

Something has been a little off in our casa as of late. And as first timers, we are at a loss. Magster is just not herself....

First of all, her appetite is not like usual. She is not as fussy to be fed (she can go for almost 6 hours without any indication that she is hungry) and when we actually feed her it is a herculean struggle. Most feedings we are lucky if we get 6 oz in her and she used to pound 8 oz without batting an eye. And it. is. a. struggle. She is very squirmy and fussy during the whole feeding and you can tell that she is really uncomfortable. We have even resorted to putting her into her glider to finish eating, but even then she is thrashing about and we still aren't finishing the bottle.

Second, there is a general fussiness about her. Almost all the time. She just seems out of sorts. She is not too happy sitting in her glider any more and she prefers to lie on her play mat almost exclusively.

Finally, night-time sleeping has become another battle. You can tell that she is tired and that she isn't ready to get up, but again she just can't seem to get comfortable or settled. I am up in excess of ten times a night trying to soothe her and it only lasts for about 10 minutes before she is up again. She is napping well, but I guess since she isn't sleeping well at night she seems pretty sleepy during the day. I have been trying to keep her up as much as possible during the day, but I can't deny her sleep when she's tired. Therefore, in order to maintain my sanity, I have been napping with Mags. It helps, but I have to be honest, it doesn't replace a good night's sleep.

Something is definitely amiss. We have a few theories...

1. Teething: Almost everyone who takes one look at our drooling queen declares that she is teething. And she does have a lot of the symptoms. My biggest doubt about this is the fact that she is so young. In spite of that, I did have myself convinced that she was teething until I really looked at the issues....

2. Lactose Intolerance: And now I'm wondering if maybe in her 4th month she has developed a lactose issue. I mean the main issues surround her feedings and she seems so uncomfortable WHEN she is eating. I also forgot to mention that the dirty diaper number count has increased dramatically over the past week...but then again, I have also heard that this could be related to teething as well so.....

Blah, Blah, Blah.....oh the mystery that is the newborn child. I know I shouldn't wish her infant time away, but honestly I can't wait till she can just speak up and tell me what is bugging her. So if anyone out there in cyberland has any insight, please feel free to share. We are headed to the Dr. tomorrow, but I would love to hear if you have had any experience with something similar.

Could this be a clue?

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Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday!


Zwickl Family said...

So, Logan had milk intolerance issues when he turned 2 months old. We had to stop breastfeeding and he was put on Nutramigen. You might want to head to the store and just try some out with her. Not an hour later my baby was a completely different baby. It is fairly expensive, but totally worth it. (If it truly is milk protein intolerance.)

We tried the liquid kind first, to see if it helped (because I didn't want to spend $30 for a can if it didn't work, but then once we realized it helped, we bought the cans.)

Hopefully, you get some insight and help soon!

Anonymous said...

My daughter still isn't old enough to tell me what's wrong, but it does get easier as they get older. I was always told that growth spurts can be really painful for them, and sure enough, every couple months my daughter would get all out of sorts and uncomfortable and it would gradually fade away. Have you tried Tylenol at bedtime? I'm generally against the random giving of medication, but if you give it a try, and it works, you will all feel better. :)

~Erin @
TwitterID: Midnite592

TeeTee Lynn said...

I'm sorry you guys are having a rough time! We've been going through a similar thing with Nora for a few weeks. She is acting just like she is teething...but not teeth. We have no clue what to do, and we have even resorted to giving her tylenol a few nights. I'm curious to see what you guys find out. We took Nora to the doctor and they just told us that she probably had a little cold and that some babies act like they are teething for months before they actually get a tooth. Greaaaaat.

The Life We Love said...

Your little girl is a real beauty! Love your blog, so much stuff to look at! I'm a new follower!

Sarah said...

So according to the Doc, it is just the first onslaught of teething symptoms.

Brienne, I did ask about the milk intolerance, but my Dr. thinks that this is probably more teething than anything else.

And like they told you, Kristi, it can just go on for months....awesome!

Thank you all for your advice. I guess we will just grin and bear it! HAHAHAHA

Sarah said...

The Life we Love: Thank you and thank you for stopping by!

Michele said...

oh, it brings back memories I had blocked out! But she is adorable- I have a Maggie too, so great name! :)


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