Wednesday, December 29, 2010

5 months old

So I am little late with this, but on Monday the amazing Magster turned 5 months old. And oh what a month it has been. We celebrated Thanksgiving and then last week, Christmas. As you can guess with all the celebration and travel, this month just whizzed by.

There have been some new developments for our little girl. We now blow raspberries, but of course never on demand (these things cannot be conjured on a minute's notice, they must be given the time and effort they deserve). We reach out to try to touch everything. On Christmas, when we were sitting with PopPop, we actually reached out and tried to touch the dog, Pete. One of our new favorites to touch are faces, and we love to pull on them and sometimes poke Mommy in the eye. You have also on occasion pulled our faces close to yours and that just makes Mommy swoon.

We love our playmat and exersaucer. We do not love sitting in our glider as much, because it doesn't have that much to do. We received a ton of toys for Christmas and Mommy will be rationing them over the next couple of weeks so we are not too overwhelmed by it all. We do love two different dollies that we received for Christmas, one that is soft and cuddly with a rattle, and one that laughs and almost sounds exactly like Maggie herself. She is very funny with the last one...we push the belly to make it laugh and she looks at it and then us, like, "What's going on here? Is this funny?". She likes the doll, but she's not too sure what to think about it.

We still have a lot teething symptoms, but no teeth. Lots of drooling and gnashing your gums. Other than it causes you to have A LOT of dirty diapers, it doesn't seem to be bothering you too much, but maybe this is just the beginning. We are also so close to sitting on our own and rolling from our back to our tummy.

So, the day after Christmas we decided since we wouldn't be traveling for awhile that it is time for Mags to sleep in her own room in her crib (I know, I know, took us long enough). And just like the little angel that she is, Mags slept that night from 9:45pm-7:30am. The next night we had a little disturbance with a dirty diaper that woke us up, so we cleaned that up, gave you your bottle early and you went almost right back to sleep and slept until 9am. And last night you slept from 10pm-7am. So far, so good. Honestly, we didn't think that it would be too bad for Mags, it was Mommy that had the real problem, and I am still adjusting, but I guess every day gets better.

And then this morning, when I went in to get Mags up?? Well didn't she put her little arms up for me to pick her up. Yep, best. feeling. ever.

So what's up next for this little firecracker?? Solids. Again, we decided to wait till after the holidays to start this and I am very intrigued to see how this goes off. Also, we are heading to the Dr. this afternoon for the rest of the shots that we didn't get last visit (because someone was a little too cranky) so we will get to see how much Mags has grown this month.

And finally what you've all been waiting for... the 5 month pics....

Man I love this girl! Can't help it, she's just so dang adorable.

Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday.

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