Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So after all our Christmas festivities, I wasn't feeling the best. I had started with a tickle in my throat the week before Christmas, and then that Friday I woke up sounding like a frog. My grandmother told me that it sounded "very sexy". Sure didn't feel that way! Saturday and Sunday I was still Froggy McFrogerson, but I was buoyed by all the Christmas spirit, so I wasn't doing that bad.

Monday, I crashed....hard. Brian let me sleep in, I got up at 9:30am and went back to sleep at 11am. It was pretty clear that I needed to go to the Drs. So I made an appointment for Tuesday, and just as I pretty much expected, I was told I had bronchitis and a double ear infection. Antibiotics and prescription strength cough syrup were prescribed.

Now the plan had been that we were going to head over to the beach house for a night, just to get away for a bit. Brian asked if I still wanted to go, since I was sick. I assured him it was no big deal. We weren't doing anything strenuous at the beach, it was just for a change of pace, so no biggie! I am so glad we went!!!

We got up regular time, Wednesday morning, fed Maggie and got on the road. We had some lovely Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast (Woohoo for all the awesome gift cards I got for Christmas) and we basically sailed right to the beach. Unfortunately it was SUPER windy and cold, so we didn't even make it to the actual beach, but we relaxed and chilled out, which is exactly what we all needed.




Mags was in seventh heaven running around the bigger house and Brian and I indulged in some awesome Chinese food from "The Best Food in Town" (gotta love a restaurant with that name)! We also took full advantage of the lovely fireplace and cuddled up on the sofa, watching some truly bad cable television.

The next day we had a lovely breakfast from Aversa, our favorite Italian bakery, and then spent some more time relaxing. We decided that if we do this again next year, we may do two days, one day just wasn't enough!





After lunch, we got back on the road and didn't hit that much traffic on our way home.

It was a great getaway, and we are so lucky to have access to this beach house!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!!!


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