Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Review

And with that, another year comes to a close....

2011 was quite a year!


The year began with Maggie starting solids and sleeping in her own room, we stayed at the beach with Magster for the first time, and we had a lot of fun celebrating Maggie's 6 monthday!


Unfortunately, February began with Maggie getting sick for the first time, but somehow I managed to pull off a surprise bday party for the hubs, we had a chilly Valentine's day, we spent a fun holiday weekend with Grammy and Poppy, and then at the end of the month, we went to visit MeeMaw and PPaw.


This month we re-furnished our living room, we had another visit to Grammy's where we took Four Generation pictures, at home we took some silly pictures, winter held on with all it's might, and we got to see baby shower gifts on the Magster herself.


April began with the Phillies' Opening Day, we had a much better beach visit, Mags had a first tooth popping through and went on her first play date, Spring finally arrived, and we had a great first Easter.


This month began with my first Mother's Day, we had a weekend of sickness, went to a great wedding, and Mags got even closer to a year with her 10 monthday.


In the sixth month of the year we started the summer of right with an awesome beach trip, we splashed around in the pool, we kicked Maggie's first birthday planning into high gear, Maggie dazzled us with her new crawling skills, and we had an awesome mini-vacay!


And thus began the official Maggie birthday month, we celebrated her first Fourth of July, we started some much needed baby-proofing, with Mag's 1st birthday days away, I finally shared her Birth Story, and Maggie turned one.


This month on the blog I reported about Mag's first, first birthday party a couple days late, we had a great first family week long vacation, and then we had Mag's 2nd and third, 1st birthday parties.


The ninth month of the year began with our little Future Guitar Player, I began an unhealthy Pinterest obsession, Mags finally got her two top teeth, and we had a weekend of some first steps and finding out we're going to Disney in 2012.


We started the month of spook by celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, Mags showed us how big she was and started walking, we went to the pumpkin patch, Mags turned 15 months and also went trick or treating for the first time (in the snow, no less!).


In this month of thanks I turned 31 (no post needed...LOL), we took our holiday card photos, had fun at the park, spent time with Aunt Tami, and had a great Thanksgiving.


And finally with the last month of 2011, Mags turned 16 months, we visited Santa, the holidays began, and we had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


What an amazing year. I have to say that I saw this year end review format on a few other blogs and it looked pretty daunting, but what a nice stroll down memory lane it was. It really makes me appreciate my blog as a little time capsule, with the ability to go back and relive it all.

Happy New Year!!! Here's hoping that 2012 is just as awesome as has a lot to live up to!


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