Monday, January 23, 2012

Mingle Monday

What a weekend! So much fun and relaxation, a welcome getaway!

Friday night we headed out ASAP to beat the impending snow and the trip down was easy peasy! Mags went down for bed, the minute we got there and we hung out till we all went to bed.

Saturday the snow had just about completely melted by the time we got up, but it rained the majority of the day. It was grey and overcast, a pretty all round yucky day. Fortunately, we had nothing planned, so we literally just sat around all day.

We played with Mags when she wasn't napping, and then when she was down, we did NOTHING. It was stellar! Brian and his sister, got his Mom hooked on Angry Birds, which was interesting to see. We all played each other on our Iphones on Words with Friends, and Brian's dad sat around intermittently falling asleep or taking the dog out, because he doesn't have an Iphone...poor guy...LOL.

In the evening we headed out to dinner and Mags had her first taste of chicken fingers (she also had french fries, but she has had those before). Needless to say, she was a fan.

After dinner we came home and played with Mags for a bit, before she went to bed. She did a good job of tiring herself out, running back and forth in the living room, "cooking" food and then feeding Nana and Aunt Janice. She was hilarious. Also hilarious/amazing....after almost 4 months of walking and the few trips that we have taken to the shore house, with it's always interesting staircase, Mags decided to give them a go. And just like sitting, crawling and walking, she just crawled up the stairs like she had done it a million time, no hesitation, no stumbling. The funniest was, after her first couple of jaunts up the stairs with Daddy, we realized that we had to somehow gate the stairs off, so she didn't attempt it on her own, so we put come ottomans in front of the stairs and she was good.

Then Sunday morning, I told her it was time to go upstairs to get dressed and she proceed to go over to the steps and moved the ottomans out of the way, like "Oh yeah, these things weren't actually stopping me...I just let you think that...I like to humor you guys when it comes to these things...aren't I nice??"

So Sunday we had a great breakfast and then came back to put Mags down for a nap, which she fell asleep in the last ten minutes. We left after she had lunch and thankfully did not hit any traffic on the way home.

Sunday night was a little tough, because we are pretty sure that Mags is teething, AGAIN, and she wasn't in the best mood. We tried to Skype with Grammy, but Mags wasn't too keen.

Other than that little blip, we had an amazing weekend!

How was your weekend? Hope you're having a great Monday!



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