Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Remember

Just a couple of things about my little almost 18 month old, to jot down, so I don't ever forget them....

  • How you yell "Bye- Bye" (no more die-die) with this silly almost Southern accent and make a big deal of waving and running around (totally slayed at the most recent play date)
  • Today, after I blew on your, still a little too hot, grilled cheese, you felt the need to blow on it as well
  • You have unfortunately caught on to our "feed her the veggies first" idea and it's not working so well anymore
  • The way you are becoming so fiercely independent, but when you run around you look back to make sure that I am following you
  • Your crazy hair, that seems to be growing more and more overnight, and how the top hair is just no long enough to lay flat, and if I lose sight of you for a minute, I can see those little fly away hairs bouncing over the top of the sofa
  • Watching you with your Daddy (and now I'm getting choked up), you two really love hanging out with each other. Whether it's rough housing in the family room or you, sitting so proud on the sofa, next to your Daddy, laughing whenever he does at silly tv shows
  • You are becoming such the little mimic and you love to try to repeat what we say, and you have really mastered Mommy's, "Oh My!"

I'm sure there are a ton more that I am forgetting, but I just had to put these down, because they make my heart swell and almost burst on a hourly basis. As I constantly say, you are a wonder my dear!


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