Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your Three Words

18 Months Old
Nope, no typos's official, today the Magsterino is a year and a half old. Six months away from two.

So here is the obligatory annual comparison....

I remember the picture for the 6 month photo shoot was a little difficult because Maggie was still working on sitting up on her own and I was having a hard time getting her to smile. Little did I know the difference a year would make, and I'm not talking about better...LOL. Getting an 18 month old to sit still for anything is. a. struggle. And that is being nice.
I tried to get the picture in the rocking chair, where the 6 month pic was taken...super meltdown. So I pulled out her new big girl chair and thought that would entice her....and that worked for about a minute. It was difficult. But I got a couple of pics, so that's all that matters. We may try again when Daddy gets home, that's how we got the beautiful 6 month pic.....

So what have been up to this month?

Everyday you seem to be growing up by leaps and bounds. You love to eat and you are always up to try new things. Veggies are a little bit of a tough spot, but we get by ok. You love: grilled cheese, pb&j, goldfish, french fries, never met a fruit you didn't like, carrots, eggs, and so much more. You had your first taste of chicken fingers last week and you really enjoyed them. You do this silly thing when you are eating, that is hard to describe. It seems like when you really enjoy something you put your thumb, forefinger and middle finger in your mouth and suck/smack on them. It is kind of like the Italian finger kiss, when they are saying something is good. We have no idea where you got that from.

You are totally an expert walker and you even do a little run/trot, that is adorable. You impressed us all last weekend by heading up the stairs without any problems. You have attempted a few new things at Gymboree, like walking on the balance beam, climbing the stairs, and jumping off the platform. You also love your music class, as well.

You still love your books and you love to sit on Mommy's lap and read the same one, over and over and over and over again. You let us know that you want to sit on our lap, by backing yourself up and waiting for us to pick you up. Sometimes you like to read to yourself as well. Right now your favorite books are; "Princess Baby", "Wynken, Blyken and Nod", some small Disney board books (you really like "Peter Pan" and "Jungle Book"), "Pajama Time" and lots more. You love playing with your kitchen and you links and blocks. You still love "Baby Signing Time" and you are beginning to become quite enamored with a certain furry, red monster, to the point that we have to spell his name so as not to incite a mini riot! You also love coloring and playing with your flashcards. You love to sit at your table and act like a such a big girl!

Chatty Cathy should be another nickname in your rotation. You are so talkative and lately some of it is starting to actually make sense. Your list of words is becoming pretty substantial. You are quite the mimic as well, guess we have to start watching what we're saying. You are so curious and have even started asking,"What's that?" about almost everything. You have also discovered the word "NO" and it is your favorite response to EVERYTHING. Right now it makes us giggle, but I'm sure it won't for long...

I'm sure there are some things that I am forgetting, but that is a lot for now! We didn't get to go to your Drs appt today because they cancelled, but we are rescheduled for next week, and I am interested to see your stats. I think that your weight may have stabilized a little and I think you may have grown too, because your pants are starting to fit a lot better.

I love you so much my little lady, and I really mean it when I say that I thank my lucky stars everyday that I get to be your Mommy!!!

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