Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pin It Tuesday

Not too much going on here. Magster is still struggling with her top teeth coming in and on second look (which almost cost me a finger), looks like she actually has three coming in all at the same time. And also, something is going on in the back of her mouth, because she is always trying to get things back there to chew on...please don't tell me the dreaded molars are starting.....

We went to a play date today, and for the second time in a row I got horribly lost. Last time, I ended up giving up, because after an hour, we still didn't know where we were going. This time I was bent and determined, and I did finally figure out where we were going. We ended up being 45 minutes late, but everyone was so understanding, and Mags still had a good time, so that's all that matters.

So on to the pinning....

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Can't wait!!!

Yep, that was me!

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Really want to use this and accomplish a lot of these this fall!

Source: gymboree.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Kind of fell in love with this dress for Mags for Christmas, and then I saw the price....UGH!!!

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Hope you are having a great Tuesday!

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