Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your Three Words

13 months old

Couple days late, but here you go...

13 months old. It was funny, I was telling someone that Maggie had turned 13 months on Saturday and they asked, "How crazy will it be when you get to say...'Yeah, my daughter just turned 13 on Saturday...'?". Um that is some craziness people....let's not go there! LOL

So you are 13 months old.

What are you up to?

Still cruising around and you are much quicker about it. Everyone is convinced that you are going to start walking any day.

You had your first PB & J sandwich and it was love at first bite. We have been trying some other soft table foods, since you still don't have those darn top teethe.

On the tooth front, this month you got another tooth and in the past two days, I have seen two more popping through, and one of them, finally, is on the top. So as of right now you have or are getting all four bottom teeth and your top tooth on the left, on the side, is popping through. Your top gums are soooooo swollen, we are very surprised that you aren't a lot more fussy.

Occasionally, you do have some moments of fussiness for no apparent reason. Sometimes a sippy cup helps and sometimes you just need to lay your head down on Mommy's shoulder.

Speaking of laying your head down, that is mainly the way that you hug and it is so adorable. You haven't started giving kisses yet, but when we ask for a kiss you lean your head in for US to give you a kiss....hilarious, kid!

You can be a little stinker sometimes, and for the most part you know when you are doing something wrong and will look around before you do that something wrong.

But for the most part you are really good. You love being around people and you love attention. And if you feel like you aren't getting enough attention in public, you work to get it. LOL...where do you get that from??

Look! Our first bow actually in the hair!

I love you so much my silly pants, and I can't believe that we are so lucky to have you in our lives. You make our lives so full and very interesting....LOL! We love you so much!!!!

Have a great weekend!


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