Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello there...

Nope haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, I was just a little under the weather. Stupid ear infections AGAIN!!! I'm going to have blood work (hopefully) this week to see if/what allergies I have and then we are going to see what can be done from there. I am SO sock of being sick, and I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel with these ridiculous ear infections.

So on that note, I present my first stream of consciousness post....

-One time I read another blog that had a stream of consciousness post, and she kept saying consciousness and she KEPT spelling it wrong, so I had to stop reading (the post, not the blog...I'm not THAT catty {ok maybe I am})....HELLO, I am always an English teacher at heart (even if MY grammar sometimes strays...LOL)

- I have the best husband in the world! Since I wasn't feeling well yesterday, he took off of work and stayed home to help out with Mags. He even took her to her music class and they had a great time. FYI: the teacher asked, "So this is Maggie's Daddy?" Like there could be any question...and then informed the hubs that, "Maggie likes to run around and doesn't like to sit down. But that's ok, we don't mind." HA! Three weeks into the class and they have her pegged!!

- BTW, don't know if anyone has been following along with my little ticker all the way at the bottom of the blog, but I am down 22 lbs. I am half way to my goal, and I am technically at my pre-pregnancy weight. WOOT WOOT!

- As for the Magster, we are having quite the verbal explosion over here! And my fave word right now, that would be "pay" aka "play". Today after lunch, without any prompting, she asked, "Pay?", "Can I get down now and play?"....heart.melted.

- We are also still the social, social butterfly. Today during play class, she went over to a mat where two little girls were sitting, separately, sat in between then and was just so tickled to be hanging with the girls. It was the cutest!

- We have started re-directing Maggie when she starts to whine and now when she starts she sometimes re-directs herself!

-Oh and my daughter now is hilarious! When Brian got home last night I informed him about her new trick and they then spent a few minutes growling back and forth at each other. It was hilarious!

That's all for now! Hope you are having a great Thursday!!!


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