Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mingle

Happy Monday everyone! Hope that you had a great weekend. I heard that there was some sporting event or something going on yesterday, but we had more important things to do, like celebrate the 29th year of my awesome hubby!

We spent the whole weekend celebrating and it was a ton of fun.

Friday night we had friends over for pizza and beer.

Saturday we went to the in-laws for their birthday celebration. As per the uge, Maggie stole a little bit of the birthday boy's thunder, with a few of the new tricks that she has picked up over the past couple of days. Namely, saying "ok" to everything (REALLY enjoying this phase better than the "no" to everything phase), doing a little counting (basically if anyone says one, she starts in with, "two, free" and then she wants you to continue and she echoes four,{skips 5 and 6} sellow (????), ake, nen and then I think she hears ten, but she says two and wants to start all over again) and loving on Pete, the dog. It was adorable.

Showing off the pretty outfit she got from Aunt Janice for Christmas

She found a box of pasta and was in seventh heaven, also PopPop is pretty fun, too!

Only way to get a still pic of her, put her in a higher chair, couldn't ditch the pasta though...

Sunday, the actual birthday, we hung out for the majority of the day, and then went out for Mexican, as per the birthday boy's request. It was delish and Maggie enjoyed her first quesadilla.

Hope that you are having a stupendous Monday!



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