Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hola! Since the hubs had a long weekend, and we were away the majority of it, I decided to take a little bloggy break. But never you fear, I'm back with tons o'pics and even some video of our crazy weekend.

So Friday, we "slept in" (completely different definition now that we are parents....), well I actually did let Bri really sleep in, since he was driving later that day. Then after lunch we headed Southwest to my dad's. We made it there without any incident (thankfully) and we met up with my dad at his office. After that, we headed to the house and had a pretty low key evening. Dinner and catching up, were the main attractions.

I LOVE the look on Tyson's face as Maggie is hugging him... "What is this little thing, and why does she keep mauling me??" But look how happy Maggie is...LOL

Hanging out with the doggies and Uncle Ben

Playing with PPaw

Saturday, we had a leisurely morning and then while Mags was napping, Brian and I headed over to the outlets to take advantage of some serious sales. After that, we had some Starbucks and then headed back. After dinner, we went out with my brother and his friend to some local bars and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I had a little bit too much fun and was paying for it on Sunday.

Reading with Uncle Bray

Being silly

Silliness with Daddy

And now the promised videos....

Sunday I woke up feeling like death, but a nice shower and some coffee, eased the pain. (Man, this completely solidified for me that I am OLD!!! I have never been that hungover and will never be again....Darn you, Bud Platinum!!!!) We went out to breakfast and then after that, we just hung out a little bit. The ride was again, pretty uneventful, except for the uber delish Shamrock shakes that we treated ourselves too!!!

Yesterday, was another low key day, just how we like to end our weekends!

How was your weekend? Hope you are having a splendid Tuesday (that mostly feels like a Monday, but then when you realize it's not, you're like "YES"!)!!!


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