Friday, May 18, 2012

Brain Dump

Um, I almost wrote Brian....that one's for you love!

Hello, happy Friday!

Not really sure why, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed lately and I have A LOT of schtuff  floating around my head, and I feel the need to purge....You are welcome.

-'s one letter kid, you say "ball", so why does this word get an "m"....honestly, don't care, it's cuter than cute
- Started singing Fun's "We are Young" the other day in the car.  Now sometimes she just randomly starts belting out, "Tonight....We are young!!!!".
- Random counting and singing of the alphabet all the time.  We have started to include the beginning of the alphabet, but "defg" are still dead to us...(Oh and someone called me out on the whole "we" thing the other day and I don't really mean her and me....sorry if it annoys you, that's the way I like to talk, sue me....LOL)
- Ok, ok I am going to admit a little obsession here....I want my daughter to wear head to toe Disney while we're at Disney, with the main attraction being Minnie....the issue is the girl doesn't even acknowledge Minnie, she calls her either Mickey or Daisy when she sees her....oh well, she'll learn to love her (said in crazy, menacing voice with evil laugh, that I can't do in real life if you paid me). 

Please see evidence below:

 Picked up this little piece of adorableness at Walmart for $7...I have been loving the romper trend, and slap a Minnie on it and I am sold!

Yep, that would be flip flops, sunhat, water shoes, and TWO pairs of sunglasses, that I picked up today at The Disney Store, where they are having a HUGE swim sale, for only $8 out of pocket, because I had a gift card from Christmas!  Now ask me if she has a Minnie bathing suit to match all these accessories...oops... I guess we're NOT going for overkill?

Guess it's time for an intervention....
- Little Missy has been a lot more adventurous lately and this includes: climbing up on the couch and getting down, climbing up the stairs at the park and walking down them, and actually going on the swings, but only the "big kid" one and with Mommy. 

- Maggie REALLY loves playing with my computer mouse when I'm not looking, and by "playing with", I mean smacking it on the computer desk repeatedly, and now it's not working right...frustrating.

- I'm down 35 lbs and I am in that frustrating place where my clothes are too big and the next size would involve me buying new clothes, which I don't want to spend money on right now.  I want to wait till I am at my goal, but I am starting to struggle with the scale and I'm not sure what exactly to do.

- Don't hate me, but I kind of love this song. And I dedicate to my hubs, awkward dancing and all...

- I am so excited to go to the beach next weekend, you have no idea....

- There is a big part of me that is anxious about our Disney trip because I have this sinking feeling that if I don't plan things well enough, that I will regret it later.  I want this trip to be so memorable for Mags, but once again, I have to get it through my skull that she will be only two...there is really no way she will remember any of it....

- I am also really loving this cover (less hate?).

- I would like to get together a Summer Reading list for myself, any suggestions?

Alright, I think that's enough for now.  I actually feel a little better.  

Anything you want to get off your chest?  
Big plans for the weekend?

Hope you have a great one!

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Andrea said...

I LOVE all the Minnie stuff! I wish I could go back!


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