Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Hello!  Hope you are having a terrific Thursday!
So I forgot to mention, but we had an AMAZING Memorial day weekend.  It was equal parts fun and relaxing, exactly what we needed.

*Warning Picture OVERLOAD*

We got on the road Friday, after scarfing down some pizza, and we made really good time getting to the house.  It was Mag's bedtime, so once Nana and PopPop got there, we put her to bed.  We hung out a bit and then we all headed to bed.

Some Aunt Janice love when we arrived
Then Saturday morning Mags was up at 6:15 (lucky Mommy) and we played around until everyone else got up.  Then it was breakfast, and getting ready for the beach.  
Modeling the new bathing suit

And of course the back

I was interested to see how this year panned out, as compared to last year.  
Well let's say, something don't change.  Like my daughter's interest in the ocean....yep, still petrified.  Except this year she wasn't even interested in the sand.  She didn't want to touch it or play in it.  She preferred to sit in her stroller under the umbrella, and she was perfectly content...whatevs....LOL.

Ok she sat on the blanket for about 5 minutes....

This is not a cute hug for Daddy, this is, grab for Daddy, "Get me off this sand!!!!!!!"
Maggie & Pete

After lunch and nap time, we had an early dinner and then it was off to the Boardwalk.  Now we had been talking to Maggie about beach stuff for awhile and we talked about the boardwalk, of course, but she has no point of reference.  Didn't matter....This little girl was SOOOOOO excited to go to the boardwalk, she could barely contain herself.  It was adorable!  I was a little worried that she would be disappointed.....

And of course she found Mickey on the boardwalk....




Possibly one of my favorite pics of the entire trip!

Let's just say the boardwalk did not disappoint.  From the minute we walked on the boards and she saw a big ad for Mickey, I had a feeling this was going to be fun!  Mags had a great time people watching as we walked down to the rides, and then she really enjoyed the carousel.  The Dumbo ride, not so much.  We think it was the noisiness, because the height wasn't a problem when we went on the train ride above the amusements afterwards...hmmm, we shall see Disney....
Then there was Korr's ice cream (which I didn't photograph because I was too busy stuffing my own face) and tickles with PopPop.  Finally at a less crowded part of the boardwalk we let her get out and walk as long as she held Daddy's hand, which she did so well.  
After that it was home and off to bed.  She feel right to sleep and slept so well that night....Thank you, boardwalk!

So that's just Friday and Saturday....I'll be back with the rest of the weekend!

Have a great rest of your day!!! 

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