Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh Maggie....

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!

Couple more things to remember....

- How she likes to tell me in the morning that she has poopoo'ed or peepee'd and she points to where it is....Thanks kid, I wasn't sure...LOL

- The other night right after we put her to bed, I heard her over the monitor, real pitiful, "Mommy, Daddy, Mommy...".  I opened the door and she greeted me with a HUGE smile and said, "There she is!!!!"....stinker.

- The other day coming home in the car, we were listening to the radio and Adele's "Someone like you" came on...Doesn't Maggie sing the entire chorus, all on her own...I would love to get it on film, but she hasn't done it since...of course....LOL

- You have started to identify numbers and letters in the everyday..  I'd say your right about 80% of the time...

- Now when you "play" phone, you actually talk on it, and say, "Uhuh, uhuh, uhuh, bye"...That would be your father, Mister I Hate to Talk on the Phone....

- You started a hug movement the other day at Library story time.  You started hugging kids and they started hugging other kids, it was quite a sight...such a trendsetter.

- When you knock something over, accidentally or on purpose, you say "oppy daisy"..."oopsy daisy"...

Please child don't get any cuter....I can't handle it....LOL

First was a LITTLE cold...LOL
I promise she's not crying, just reacting to the cold....LOL

Hope you're having a great day!!!

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Healthy Branscoms said...

cute! It just seems like my little Audrey was that old just the other day. Now she will be 3 next month. Treasure every minute because it goes by so fast! :)


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