Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting fit for Disney

Hello everyone!  How's your Tuesday going?   I have some important updates to share...a 21 month rundown (aka only three little months till the big "2") and this past weekend, which in my mind kicked off the summer (explanation to ensue), but first I would like to talk about another subject.

Now first of all, you might be a little perplexed by my title....Nope I'm not running a marathon in Disney or any other crazy athletic event, I'm not getting that kind of "fit". 

I'm talking about being comfortable.  I'm talking about being able to keep up with my two year old and not hold her back in the parks.  I'm talking about wearing shorts and not being embarrassed (well I will be embarrassed about how pasty white my legs are, but I'm not going tanning {cause that's not safe, right "Wedding Sarah"?? P.S It doesn't work on your legs anyway!} and my legs seem to repel any type of fake tanner...but it won't be because my shorts are too tight!!!).  I'm talking about being able to wear the awesome clothes that you bought for your honeymoon and haven't really been able to wear since...

So far I have lost 32 pounds and the goal is about 15 more.  I have been mostly watching the calories with My Fitness Pal, which I talk about here.  Now that's its starting to get consistently nice out, I am going to try to get out more and just be more active.

One thing that I have been pretty adamant about with my "diet" is that I still want to be able to eat delicious food.  Nothing bland or mushy.  That is the type of food that is created with a vaporizers.  The best thing about the vaporizer is that the food is flavor infused.  Sounds tasty!

And as far as I'm concerned the taste is what matters.  And obviously I have passed that feeling on...