Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Summer Kick Off

So I've been hinting about this amazing weekend for quite some time, so here are the deets....

The weekend started with really no plans whatsoever.  We had our normal bi-weekly cheesesteak dinner and we watched "Thor" (Eh it was ok...better than Captain America, IMO).
Then I noticed on FB that one of my friends was having a rough time, so I offered some Maggie time, and we made plans for Saturday.

During the day Saturday, we had to go to a work thing for the hubs.  It wasn't too bad, but the timing for Mag's schedule wasn't that great, but we made the most of it.  She had fun, like she always does.  She loved running around and dancing to the school band. 

After that we treated ourselves to some California Tortilla.  They have some of the best nachos I have ever had.  Mags really enjoyed her chicken quesadilla.  Her kid's meal came with a brownie, and we decided to split it.  I took it out of the bag and Maggie's eyes lit up, and she said, "Ooooh, what's that???", like she had no idea.  But I asked her and she said chocolate...the girl's no fool!!!


Pretty soon after we got home, our friends came over and had some fun with Mags.  After she went to bed, we played some games.  First, we played Lego Creationist, which was interesting, and then we played Sour Apples to Apples.  I had never played the "Sour" version, and it was SOOOOOO much fun.  I love the original version, but this ones has a twist, that makes it so much fun!!!

Sunday, we had an impromptu cookout at the in-laws.  Yummy burgers, chili dogs and avocado dip,  were quite a delicious treat.


Then Brian's came over to visit and brought a special treat for Maggie, a Little Tikes princess coupe hand me down, from their neighbors. Mags was in heaven!!!


It was an awesome weekend all around.  The weather was pretty great, too and it really did feel like a summer kick off, even though it was the last weekend in April.  If it was a preview, then I can't wait for the real thing!!!

Hope that you are having a great Tuesday!

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Lindsay said...

I love her outfit in the photos of her going to the event for your husband's work! She is just too cute!

Kids LOVE those little coupes! I wonder why they're so magical?


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