Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Funday

 Hello everyone!  Hope that you are having a great Sunday!

We are having a much needed day of rest.  Just hanging out and having some family time!  I really enjoy going out and having fun with friends, but I also really cherish these days that we use to recharge.  Sometimes it seems like we have super full weekends, or nothing at all.  That is definitely the case for the next couple of upcoming weekends!   

These lazy days are really helpful in the summer months, because we normally have so much going on.  We like to take time to visit friends and family, and we have a very special birthday in July!  This year we even get to go to Disney!  We could really use some Ebay cash to help sponsor all these fun events!!!  Wish I had some stuff to get rid of, but I don't think anyone wants our old stuff...LOL!

I still haven't gotten you up to speed about the awesome weekend we had LAST weekend, and then this weekend, although chill, was a lot of fun too!  I have to get on the ball!!  

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!