Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 months old

So I am a day late with this and pretty late in the day because I am fervently working on a digital scrapbook for Mags and I am under a bit of a time constraint. When we got our Christmas pics with Santa, we got a gift certificate to Shutterfly and I only have until the 31st to use it. I have run into a few problems with the program I am using, but I think I have fixed most of the problems and things are going pretty smoothly, but like I said I am in a bit of a rush....Nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh Mom?? So in the interest of time, a relatively short month update and I will fill in whatever I missed later.

We made it!!!! The half way mark....I just can't believe it. I honestly feel like just yesterday I was a huge pregnant lady and now I'm the mom of a wonderful little 6 month old. Some people consider this the end of the infant phase and I guess that means that we now have a a full on baby. I am really enjoying this stage so far and I know we have so much more to look forward to.

New things this month:
- We are very quick to flip from our back to our tummy when we are put on our playmat and we have even flipped on our left side a few times. Occasionally we flip back from our tummy to back, but that is rare.
- We are eating cereal twice a day, oatmeal in the morning and rice cereal (yep it's back in the rotation) in the afternoon.
- We will be introducing veggies tomorrow and first up is good ol' green beans. This should be interesting.
- Sitting up time increases just about every day and we can sit for quite sometime barely supported by the boppy pillow.
- Still wearing 6 month clothes, although the 3-6 months are starting to get a little snug. Guess we will be moving up to the 6-9 months soon.

So we are heading to a new pediatrician (the last one was just a family Dr. and wasn't cuttin it in my eyes) and we will get the official stats then. Other than that just the same old, happy, beautiful and wondrous little girl! And in case you need some photographic proof, here it is....

Hope you are having a great Friday and that you have a great weekend!

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jenni said...

OMG, look how cute she is!!!

Thanks for playing mama =)


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