Friday, January 14, 2011

Your three words


I could have even add Brigantine to it and really gotten the alliterative juices flowing, but alas a three word limit...

Yep you heard right people, it is is January 14th and we are heading to the beach this weekend.
The shore house is finally finished and we are heading down with the in-laws to break it in. The last time we were there the house was just about finished in terms of construction. Now it's completely finished and even mostly furnished. We are going to help unload a couple of the last pieces and then spend the night on Saturday.

I really think that this may become my second favorite beach getaway (don't worry Mom, OCMD will always have my heart). I feel so lucky that we get the awesome privilege of having many great places to go in the summer. As I've explained before, I LOVE the beach and that is something that I can't wait to share with Mags.

So I still don't have my camera, but hopefully the hubs will let me borrow his because I definitely want to document this!

Hope the week is treating you well and also have a wonderful weekend (ahhhh alliteration).

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