Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 months

Wow my little itty bitty girl is 3 months old. I don't know why but I find this so significant but I really do. She's a quarter of a year old. And she has changed so much in this little bit of time. It's hard for me to really appreciate until I take a moment to look back.

1st week

3 month photo shoot

Quite the difference...I can't believe it!
So what have we been up to this month??
  • Almost grown out of our 0-3 month clothes...but 3-6 are still too big (of course)
  • Not a fan of wearing too many clothes b/c we are ALWAYS hot (Mommy might have to move into another bedroom, while you and Daddy sleep with the air conditioning on in the winter....)
  • Still loving the pacifier and just about everything goes straight into the mouth as soon as you get your hands on it
  • Still sleeping pretty well (except I think right now we are going through another growth spurt...)
  • Super smiley and giggly, except for when Mommy wants to take pictures because the flash really startles you
  • Starting to grasp things
  • Almost had a rollover a couple of times this week
  • Really liking sleeping on your side, which worries Mommy
  • Hands are constantly on mouth if nothing else is
  • Loves to sit and listen to Daddy play the guitar
  • Neck strength gets stronger and stronger everyday and tummy time is going really well
I can't believe how much you have grown in such a short time, you are truly amazing. I love you so much!

Oh an get a load of this....proof positive that the apple does not fall far from the tree...

Mommy a little inebriated...Maggie with a little 'tude

Oh and one last my bday is coming up and we decided not to do any gifts this year for birthdays or Christmas, but the hubs informed me last night that Maggie got me a gift for my birthday...He is too much!!!!

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Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

What a happy little girl I totally love the photos in the Halloween wear. What an adorable little girl!


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