Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Change is gonna come

*Day 11- A recent photo of you

My little girl has caused quite a stir in our family. I never been privy to such a whirlwind of excitement. It all began to slowly build as the months of my pregnancy went by. The day of the actual event the love just erupted (I'm still working on the birth story, who knows why it's taking so long....). It's been two months and I thought the frenzy would have died down a little by now, but the infatuation does not seem to be abating anytime soon....and I am eating it up. We created something that brings so much joy to others. She doesn't have to be glamorous or witty. Just her mere presence is all that is necessary to elicit an outpouring of the gushy, mushy stuff.
Before, I never really considered myself a connoisseur of the sap. In fact a few of my relatives, who shall remain nameless, observed on numerous occasions that I didn't have a very maternal nature (just 'cause I wasn't a fan of their spoiled rotten dog). I don't agree with those notions, but I truly have to say that motherhood has softened my edges. I was a tad on the prickly side and now I see myself with a much gooier center. How can you not dissolve into a puddle when you look into those big blue eyes?


MamaOnDaGo said...

Motherhood somehow changes you. There's something about bringing that little bundle into this world that makes you a better person.

Sarah said...

It really does change you and I have to agree that it is for the better!


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